International Human Rights – 2022

  • Rohini,
  • Shivam Sharma
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  • Rohini

    Student at Rayat College of Law, India

  • Shivam Sharma

    Student at Rayat College of Law, India

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A new world order came into being out of the ashes of the world war II in 1945, putting respect of the human rights alongside peace, security and development as the primary objectives of the united nations. The universal declaration on human rights, proclaimed in 1948, provided a framework for a series of international human right conventions. The framework that belongs to 1948 was suitable at that time and to tackle with modern advancements it was amended time to time. But the issue which was never rectified in the world in the world is freedom from slavery and torture as still half of the countries of the United Nations had not criminalized the issue of ‘slavery’. Secondly the society has taken drastic turns since then and today as what we see around is merely similar to what it was earlier during the framework. The advancement in the technology was the need of the society but it has come up with its positives as well as with negatives. Everyone who is using the Networks such as 3G, 4G, 5G and social media platforms is somewhere prone to the breach of their rights. Violation of human rights such as freedom and privacy of an individual is violated in form of Data mining and their data is uploaded in an “illusion of consent” and the important question here is that are we still connected with the world even when we have disconnected the wire of internet from our devices.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 1189 - 1197


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