International Efforts to Counter-Terrorism with special reference to India and the United Nations

  • Manish Yadav,
  • Dr. C.B Saini and Dr. Chiman Lal
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  • Manish Yadav

    Research Scholar at Baba Masthnath University Asthal Bohar, Rohtak, Haryana, India

  • Dr. C.B Saini

    Professor at Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Baba Masthnath University, Asthal Bohar, Rohtak, Haryana, India

  • Dr. Chiman Lal

    Associate Professor and Head Department of Political Science at S.D College, Ambala, Haryana, India.

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Terrorism is a threat to every country; it does not have any religion, caste or face. In the era of globalization where there is a free flow of goods and services and economic development and prosperity on one side, there are some factions of society who are unsatisfied and in pathetic condition on the other side. These few unsatisfied people in society use some unacceptable and undesirable means using violence and threat as a method to get their demands fulfilled and create chaos and unrest at the international level and came to be known as terrorists. In today’s world where whole the world is looking forward to providing just and humane conditions to its citizens, the problem of terrorism is a global hindrance in this direction. The United Nations has been formed with the intention to secure peace and security around the globe therefore it has also worked in the direction of counter-terrorism and has passed various Conventions in this direction. The UNSC and the whole world have been continually working in the direction of countering terrorism in which India also played an important role. India has recently hosted United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee (UNSC-CTC) in October 2022 in which India strongly condemn the act of terrorism and terror financing by some neighbouring countries. Countering terrorism is not a responsibility of a single nation or an organization but a global responsibility, therefore strong and effective action is the need of the hour to contain this cancer prevailing in society. This can be done by collective efforts only then we can provide and preserve the Human Rights of the people and provide them with an adequate opportunity for their overall development.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 4, Page 242 - 252


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