International Consumer Protection Framework & Policy

  • D Monalisha Rao
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  • D Monalisha Rao

    Student at Christ University, India

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Consumer Protection is one of the areas which ensures well-being of all and their prosperity in many other possible aspects. Consumer Protection not only deal with the protection of not only consumer but also ensures prosperity of their unit, mass, country at a large level. Consumer protection is such a practice which ensures a good exchange of goods and services not only among buyer and seller but also ensure establishment of a good relationship between two. Here, a consumer protection policy and framework are very important to regulate trade and all other soughts of buying and selling process in a market which will also help that market to grow up and which will ultimately help the economy to grow up in both national and International forum. Consumer Council, Consumer Forums and policy related to consumer protection in any economy is important because ultimately economy is built up of consumers and without consumer protection laws the economy cannot grow up. So, for these purpose huge UN Conventions were taken on and with it other provincial laws worked for it, and thus, it ensures Consumer Protection in International context.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 2439 - 2447


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