Insider Trading beyond Borders: A Critical Analysis of the Extraterritorial Application of Indian Insider Trading Legal Framework

  • Suraj Prakash
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  • Suraj Prakash

    Research Scholar at The NorthCap University (NCU), Gurugram, India

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The phenomenon of insider trading transcends national borders, presenting complex challenges for regulatory frameworks worldwide. This article critically analyzes the extraterritorial application of Indian insider trading laws, focusing on the absence of specific provisions addressing individuals involved in such activities from outside India's jurisdiction. Beginning with an overview of Indian insider trading laws, the article delves into the intricacies of the legal framework, highlighting key legislative provisions and regulatory bodies. It underscores the significance of these laws within the global financial context, emphasizing their role in maintaining market integrity and investor confidence. Central to the discussion is the examination of the extraterritorial reach of Indian insider trading laws. Despite robust regulations domestically, the absence of explicit provisions for individuals operating beyond India's boundaries poses significant challenges. The analysis explores the limitations of Indian laws in regulating offshore activities and the complexities involved in enforcing them across international borders. A comparative analysis with other jurisdictions, such as the US and EU, sheds light on the disparities in approaches to extraterritorial enforcement. While some countries have adopted expansive frameworks to address cross-border insider trading, India's regulatory landscape appears less equipped to handle such scenarios effectively. The examination of similarities, differences, and potential avenues for international cooperation offers valuable insights into the global regulatory landscape. Furthermore, the article evaluates the impact of the extraterritorial application of Indian insider trading laws on global financial markets. It discusses the implications for investor behaviour, market stability, and foreign investment, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive regulatory framework to address cross-border misconduct effectively. Assessing the effectiveness and adequacy of the current legal framework, the article proposes recommendations for potential reforms or amendments. It identifies areas for enhancing the extraterritorial application of Indian insider trading laws, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration and harmonization of regulatory standards.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 1459 - 1469


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