Indian Judiciary System: Is a Platform for…?

  • Garima and Saumya
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The era is a garland of moments, the circumstances were different in each era, but the bitter truth is that women in each era were not given equal opportunity to represent herself. It has been 72 years after independence, still Indian judiciary depicts that representation of women in judiciary is too low as compared to men. India is second most populated country in respect of women and it is around 48.5. However, the percentage of women judges, is only 7% in higher judiciary and overall its is 29%. Equality is not only needed in granting voting rights but also in this sphere. The article talks that why there is inadequate representation of women, with an emphasis on the strict appointment process and the gender bias atmosphere in the courtrooms. Some remedies are given which could be brought in effect to prevent the same.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 6, Page 614 - 619


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