Illegal Dumping of Bio Medical Waste in Tamil Nadu

  • Ezhilarasi and Hariharan
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  • Ezhilarasi

    Lecture at Tamilnadu Dr Ambedkar Law University, India

  • Hariharan

    Assistant Professor at Erode College of Law, India

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The piece of writing says about illegal dumping of bio medical waste by non-residing of Tamilnadu and residing of Tamilnadu. The reason behind to choose this topic is create awareness to the people with some facts, stats, and overviews. It gives answer for the some questions that are what is bio medical waste and how it categorized, how bio medical wastes are dumped in Tamilnadu and its continuing or not, how we have to protect our environment by implying bio medical waste (management and handling) rule, and also explain causes of dumping bio medical waste in public place and steps taken against this illegal activities. In COVID pandemic, this is noticeable issue in the society because in this medical emergency medical waste also increasing side by side and it is properly segregate or not is a big question only. We are going to carry COVID to our future generation or not, but definitely won’t carry these tonnes of waste to our future generation. Healthy environment is human rights of present and future generation also. But its violated by many way which includes worst management of bio medical waste. There is rules for management and handling of BMW(bio medical waste) but how many private hospitals, companies, institutes are follow it and also handling without basic sense of nature. I hope we will perceive the importance of healthy environment in the end of this paper.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 2154 - 2160


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