Human Rights of Aged and Disabled, Violation if their Rights

  • Shifna. K
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  • Shifna. K

    Student at Markaz Law College, India

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Human rights attach to all persons equally, by virtue of their humanity, irrespective of race, nationality or membership of any particular social group. They specify the minimum conditions for human dignity and a tolerable life. Human rights are those which inherent to all human dignity and a tolerable life. In this democratic country even when all the law are written their rights being violated in many ways. Vulnerable groups they are considered to be vulnerable because their voice are being fastened. What can unfasten those ties lays within our hand. We deal with human beings, they’ve life, flesh and blood. They’ve hopes and aspiration, they’re part and parcel of the society. The pain of unjust world, the deep rooted evil of some mankind. Justice can’t hide for all of our lives, there’s got to be a change of tide, if you are fasten by ropes and your hands are tied the pain you feel lets trigger it through your voice. In this fast progressing world least we think about the people are least asset to this world. Often people ignore the species are not for use while they are also humans who have hope, aspiration, dream and who are willing to live happily and peacefully. In HUMAN RIGHTS OF AGED AND DISABLED in this rights they’ve provided several rights still they’re being neglected because of their age and disability. To build a nation there need everyone’s hands together to keep up with each other. Kinds of discrimination that people face due to age and disability are: Discrimination occurs not only based on colour, sex, nationality etc… in all these category age and disability were part of it. Even if you look around you can find out that, Toilets, washroom for disabled people are less, even in public area. Disabled people should called as “Differently abled” people while most of them are not using this term. Still now there’s age limitation for job opportunity (in some category), education etc. Guaranteed protection for these people are not 100% sure. Hidden talents being neglected due to their age and disability.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 6, Page 2524 - 2549


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