Human Organs Transplantation with Specific Reference to Transplant Tourism in India

  • Aprajita Roy
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  • Aprajita Roy

    Student at Amity University Noida, India

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Transplantation of human organs has been a dream in the past a reality in the present and challenge for the future. In today’s world of medical and technological advancement human organs transplantation has improved to a large extent .It saves around 75 lives each day across the country .This research paper includes history of human organs transplantation n which evolution of organs transplantation has been explained .The most important challenge even in the present being the demand of organs exceeding its supply of organs in turn resulting in patient travelling across the borders of the country which is transplant tourism. The act which was specially enacted THOA to prevent illegal organ transplantation has also been discussed in this paper. This paper also emphasizes on the role played by judiciary which is of great importance as there are instances of rackets being operated which they extract organs from humans and sell it in order to mint money. Judiciary protects the right of an individual which is the right to health by punishing the wrongdoer as discussed in this paper. Media also has an important role in this as it publishes a lot of instances everyday making people aware globally. Accordingly this paper also contains some suggestions to overcome with these problems and to slower the rate of racketeering.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 1423 - 1431


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