Growing Angles in Forensic Science

  • Ghila C.G.
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  • Ghila C.G.

    Assistant Professor at MCT College of Legal Studies, India

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Forensic science, the application of the methods of the natural and physical sciences to matters of criminal and civil law. Forensic science can be involved not only in investigation and prosecution of crimes such as rape, murder, and drug trafficking but also in matters in which a crime has not been committed but in which someone is charged with a civil wrong, such as wilful pollution of air or water or causing industrial injuries. It is derived from the latin word “forensis” which means before the forum which is twisted and crooked. It is a scientific methods of solving crimes, involving examining the objects or substances thatare involved in the crime and law is considered as an arts and science and all the subjects in the world which each and everyone is trying to study.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 6, Page 2009 - 2023


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