Globalization, Human Trafficking, and Human Rights

  • Ms. Padmini
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  • Ms. Padmini

    LL.M. Student at School of Law, Christ Deemed to be University, Delhi NCR, India

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Human Trafficking is a pertinent issue across the world, there are a variety of ways of exploitation such as prostitution, forced labour, child labour, etc… Unfortunately, globalization eased and facilitated businessmen by opening the borders for transactions. There are certain countries that consider prostitution lawful while certain countries do not. Firstly, this paper discusses the concepts of Globalization, Human Trafficking, and Market system and co-relates these concepts with each other. As a result of co-relation, it is shown that the countries benefit economically by allowing prostitution. The aid of these illegal practices in the growth of the economy of the nations (that allow prostitution) leads to the conclusion that these countries prioritize their Economy over Human Rights. Therefore, the practice of legal prostitution has to be stopped as they are bound to abide by various international conventions. The limitation of this paper is that it does not discuss the positive effects or the rights that are entitled to the people involved or forced to be involved in prostitution, in other words, sex workers.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 1716 - 1722


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