Genocide: Killing the Human Rights

  • Gaurav Sonkar
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  • Gaurav Sonkar

    Student at National Law University, Odisha, India

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In this research paper, we are going to discuss the violation of the primary human right, and which is also the most important right of every human; that is the “Right to live a healthy life”, without any oppression or discrimination. In this world, almost all the nations have given this right to their citizens, but sometimes due to some worst circumstances like; war, civil war, clashes and conflicts between two particular groups or community lead to the mass killing/ genocide of the minor or weak one. In these events innocent peoples lose their lives, and the major or strong one dominates other. In these types of events, the inhumane face of rules or peoples from majority/strong community come Infront of the world, when they kill lakhs of people without taking into the account that; the person who is going to die in the massacre is a child, or a woman, or a senior citizen. In this work, I have taken the records from the history from the first world war as well and also discussed the recent event of mass killing also.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 1342 - 1351


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