Gender Discrimination in Sports

  • Aastha Thakur
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  • Aastha Thakur

    Assistant Professor at IILM University, India.

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Gender prejudice is a frequently discussed topic. The dominant socio-political factors demonstrate that the fairer gender is not only marginalised, but also continues to exist in a condition of suppression. Today's women who face adversity continue to achieve in every sector. Sports are one area where it is considered that gender concerns are resolved without reservation. However, a general observation, whether in terms of prize money, celebrity value, advertising/sponsorship relevance, or media coverage received, indicates that not everything is well in the sports arena. Women benefit from sports participation just as much as men do, as it helps build leadership abilities, boosts self-esteem and grades, and promotes physical fitness and health. To mention a few, the pitiful stipend offered to female athletes in comparison to male athletes, the bias associated with earning sports honours, the scarcity of female coaches, the absence of family support, or the issue of sexual harassment, etc. Several more concerns have harmed the status of female athletes. Male supremacy in sports has become a nightmare for female athletes, who have been bereft of self-esteem as a result of a myriad of cases of gender discrimination in their pursuit of professions in the sphere of sports. This can result in an upsurge in male athletes' aggression against women. We need to foster an environment in which sports and fitness are accessible to all, not just a select few, and in which each individual's skills are evaluated and acknowledged.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 210 - 219


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