Freedom of Speech and Ramifications of Media Trial on the Indian Judicial Landscape – A Conceptual Analysis

  • V. Nityanand
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  • V. Nityanand

    Student at School of Law, Christ University, India

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There persists a fine line of distinction between a suspect and a miscreant. Into the bargain, this incongruence and divergence seemingly escape the notice of influential powerhouses such as the media. It should not come off as a surprise that such an unenlightened outlook of affairs that transpired littered with utmost disregard for individual seclusion deranges the strongest of democratic foundation. Precedents entrenched by past events and recent events have left us all flabbergasted and makes us wonder why an institution that works in a perceptibly haphazard manner is the fourth pillar of the world's most extensive democratic setup. It is a status that is both sacred and revered, yet infelicitous at times. While the world is submerged in torrential lies perpetuated by the media, individuals are being utilized as scapegoats, with their reputation being tarnished beyond repair. While catechizing and sharing ethical presuppositions is an intrinsic part of human nature, diligence must be exercised to not infringe upon an individual's privacy, honour and eminence. Woefully, the media seldom prioritizes the abovementioned virtues while simultaneously placing their professions on a pedestal. Happenings of the past bespeak that the media has effectively assumed the role of rumourmongers and usurped judicial institutions with little scope for accountability. This essay highlight's the media's role in tampering with the administration of justice, institutional remedies to address the same while acknowledging the media's role in strengthening the concrete substratum of democracy in the past.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 5, Page 1645 - 1653


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