Feminism in National History: A Case Study of Melchora Aquino

  • Li Jia
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  • Li Jia

    International College, Krirk University, Thailand

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Revolution changes a nation and along with it, brings out the best in its men and women. There have been countless stories of extraordinary courage and heroism throughout our nation’s history. But none so inspiring as the life of Melchora Aquino (A.k.a. Tandang Sora) who at the age of 84 joined and participated in revolutionary activities that marked the Filipino’s colonial past. It has been etched in history that in her native town, Tandang Sora operated a small store which became a refuge for the sick and wounded revolutionaries. Without fear for her life and the consequences brought about by her actions, she fed, gave medical attention to and encouraged the revolutionaries with motherly advice and prayers. She also volunteered her own abode to be the venue of secret meetings of the “Katipuneros” (revolutionaries). These actions would spell death if caught by the colonial government of that time. Tandang Sora’s selfless commitment to the cause of the revolution is worth emulating by the women of today. Regardless of physical limitations brought about by gender and age, she taught Filipino women, most especially those in their sunset years that it is never too late to make a difference. That freedom is worth the sacrifice. In her time, she heard the bell toll to signal a call to an end to oppression and slavery. The same bells toll today for a call to good governance, to economic independence, to equal rights to social service and to the justice system. It tolls for the plight of all those seeking a future envision with hope for the betterment of every Filipino. These are the part of the modern struggle that every Filipino experiences today. The time is ripe for Tandang Sora’s rebirth. Filipino women would do well to find meaning in taking an active role in the fight against modern tyrannies that enslave the people of the country. This paper postulates the relevance of Tandang Sora’s heroic deeds in today’s time. It seeks to show how women can contribute significantly to making a difference. Using a historical backdrop of the life of Tandang Sora and her concrete actions during her time that has made her remarkable, it shall attempt to provide an analogy on how similar actions can be done by women of today’s time to become part of the solutions to the struggles of today. In essence, it brings to life the fervor of this heroine for Filipino women.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 1417 - 1430

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLMH.111581

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