Examination of the Challenges of Procedure of Investigation by Police in India from the Filing of FIR to Creating the Charge Sheet

  • Souvik Chatterji,
  • Angshuman Chakraborty and Samrat Samaddar
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  • Souvik Chatterji

    Associate Professor and Head of the Department at JIS University, Calcutta, West Bengal, India

  • Angshuman Chakraborty

    Student at JIS University, Calcutta, West Bengal, India

  • Samrat Samaddar

    Student at JIS University, Calcutta, West Bengal, India

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In India, there are 4 pillars of the criminal justice system. That includes the police, the prosecution, the judges or magistrates, and the correctional homes. The police have a very serious role to play in the context of an investigation. There are different offenses committed and the victims are not legal experts to accurately plant the FIR for the creation of a charge sheet. From the time FIR is lodged in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure, the challenge begins on the part of the police to create a prima facie case with available evidence and file a charge sheet. The dissertation work examines the challenges that are there and the way ahead to address those challenges.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 6, Page 1481 - 1491

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLMH.116225

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