Euthanasia – The New Phase of Right to Die

  • Shubham Sethi and Angad Singh
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  • Shubham Sethi

    Student in India

  • Angad Singh

    Student in India

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Euthanasia in simple term means mercy killing one of the most debated topics so far. Like every coin has two face euthanasia also have pros & cons in it. In this paper, we will try to understand both sides in-depth so that we can conclude that either euthanasia has to be allowed or not & if allowed then on what conditions, we have to understand that if anyone didn’t want to live his life with non-curable disease or pain then, there has to be an option for him to die with dignity also while researching we will keep in our mind that what are the disadvantages of allowing euthanasia in India cause as we all know that animal euthanasia is allowed in India due to which doctor didn’t even want to give a try on a patient, It is a very vast topic with many types one have to discuss about all & there affect to come on a conclusion that out of these what have to be allowed & in what manner because sometimes what may seem to good is not same in real life It was observed that for a lot of people living life on a life support is worse than death nobody knows about the pain & suffering he is going through but we also have to understand conditions to apply the same in a way that it dint become a tool for doctors & family to easily let go anybody.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 5, Page 953 - 963


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