Eunuchism in India: Social and Legal Status

  • Arun Teja Polcumpally and Deepika Mann
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  • Arun Teja Polcumpally

    Doctoral Fellow at Jindal School of International Affairs, India

  • Deepika Mann

    Doctoral Fellow at Jindal School of International Affairs, India

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This article provides an overview of the social and legal rights of the Transgender people in India. For the latter, an historical tracing of transgender community, and a conceptual study has been undertaken. This article, after providing the aspects of societal rejection and the legal support for the transgender, it is reiterating the necessity of practical steps towards achieving a trans-inclusive society. Finally, the article reiterates that the behaviour of the transgender on the streets is not something they love, but it is a forced behaviour from the decades of rejection, and suppression by the society. In a way, the legitimacy of transgender is often threatened by those on the streets when they overly dress like women, beg around. In this process, they receive public wrath, discrimination, social humiliation, and are forced to be alienated from the society. This article hopes to invigorate the forgotten fight for the restoration of transgender rights.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 5252 - 5258


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