Domestic Violence: The Shadow Pandemic

  • Abhishek Tiwari
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  • Abhishek Tiwari

    Student at Kalinga University, India

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Corona virus has become headache for the world. Complete lockdown is the only solution to deceased its infection and many countries has followed the way of lockdown. But it increased the unemployment rate, mortality rate as well as the domestic violence rate and decreased the development rate. Frustration and unemployment has made the people violated. In Britain and in France, domestic violence has increased 20% and in France,the domestic violence case has reported with 30% increment. According to Bristol University's socialist Mariyane Haster , when people spend time together then it raises the possibility of domestic violence. Lockdown collected family members together but also brought the violence with itself. According to Harvard University's prof. Judith lavish harman, domestic violence is the control which was caused by a man who is locked at his place.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 4, Page 1129 - 1131


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