Domestic Violence against Men in India

  • Rohan Dutta and Karthik Unnithan
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  • Rohan Dutta

    Student at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa, India

  • Karthik Unnithan

    Student at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa, India

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Domestic violence is a social issue prevalent even in the 21st century which is causing tremendous dirt on a country’s growth, though India is not averse to this social phenomenon. In a general sense, domestic violence has become a social stigma that is common to all cultures, religions, classes, ethnicity, and regions. Domestic violence in simple terms means any such violence caused by family members towards a person within four boundaries. It is mostly done by a partner or a spouse and can happen wherever or under whatever cause. This social phenomenon has the aura around it that a preconceived notion has been made restricting the consensus to relate it with women. Whenever or wherever the domestic violence issue is raised the general approach of the population is to restrict it to women alone. However, the reality is far from understanding as men are also victims of this social issue. The assumption that women are the only affected section is because Indian society followed the idea of a patriarchal system in the previous centuries. Furthermore, the stereotypical view that men should be strong and should not show their emotions are one of the reasons. Another reason for building up the stereotypical view is when a man shows his weaknesses and vulnerabilities publicly, he is considered inept and cowardly. Therefore, the concept of Domestic Violence against Men appears as absurd, illogical, and vague. Still, when the world is focussing on achieving Gender Equality for Women, men are being abused domestically like women. Thus, it would be prudent to grasp that domestic violence is not only exclusive to women but also against men in these current social circumstances. The major ambition of this research paper is to understand domestic violence against men in India, the reasons for domestic violence, its impact on health and society, and solutions to solve this social issue.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 4, Page 971 - 976


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