Delhi Government’s Policy Implementation about Education Before and During Pandemic

  • Debapriya Biswas and Aakriti Jaipuriar
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  • Debapriya Biswas

    Student at Amity law School, Noida

  • Aakriti Jaipuriar

    Student at Amity law School, Noida

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Education is an integral part of an individual – especially in today’s world. It is a necessity which cannot be afforded to be treated as a luxury – and thus, the priority of any government of a State should be to see if education is reaching all its citizens. With that in mind, Bills are made and passed, on the basis of which policies are based and implemented. These policies are what dictate the quality of education one may receive and thus, is one of the most vital steps for the development of any nation or state. In this paper, we will explore the different aspects of the education policy of the Delhi government and compare it regarding the time before the pandemic and after the pandemic. We will also explore its effects on the education quality in Delhi and study how it was implemented. This report will also, highlight the Delhi government’s policy implementation or attempt as such during the pandemic and would discuss some suggestions and possible solutions to the dilemma faced by the students and the government.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 2, Page 2239 - 2250


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