Decriminalisation of Attempt to Suicide

  • Stephen V Thomas
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  • Stephen V Thomas

    Student at School of Law, CHRIST University, Bengluru, India

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Problems plague suicidal persons. These issues led to suicide. Punishment—not therapy. Before ending their life, one must try everything to fix it. After all else fails, suicide is contemplated. Imagine this guy miscalculated suicide time or poison. Since they survived, the state wants to imprison them. Emotional, professional, financial, or romantic issues may have caused suicide. Instead of labeling these people criminals, the state should try to understand what created such a tough choice and how to address it. Criminals. Avoid calling survivors "criminals." Only then can the state defend its citizens. Behavioral and psychiatric science should manage suicide attempts, not the courts. Suicide attempters should be helped by the legal system, not imprisoned. Instead of jailing suicide attempters. India's soaring suicide rate necessitates decriminalizing attempted suicide. High suicides. They're not criminals—they couldn't handle the load. Survivors should be supported by the state. The problem with locking up these people is that they won't get the care they need and may become mentally ill, which may cause problems in society. For the majority's sake, the state should cure them and bring them back to normal.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 328 - 335


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