Dead Man Can Not Wail for Justice, It is the Responsibility of Living Soul to do so for them

  • Abhay Chhetri
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  • Abhay Chhetri

    Student at CPJ College of Higher Studies & School of Law, India

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On 12th may 2021, India had faced a terrific situation of accumulation of thousands of dead bodies in the banks of river Ganga. passing through the present-day scenario, It seems that the rights and justice for a deceased person are highly affected and are in a state of getting deprived. It is often said that death means “A state of being silent” but looking at the present situation it seems that-the dead man is sobbing for the rights and justice, although not by expressions but by emotions. Looking forward to which various ministries reacted upon it including NHRC with the conclusion of providing deceased equal rights, dignity and justice. Moreover this act has clearly violate the aim of keeping Ganga clean. This article will talk about various aspects on how the rights of deceased have been taken away and are there any law for the deceased and moreover with discussing the remedies on how the rights of our beloved one’s can be maintained.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 2572 - 2575


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