Cyber Frauds: A Growing Threat to Indian Banking Sector & Preventive Strategies

  • Dr. Dinesh Dayma
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  • Dr. Dinesh Dayma

    Assistant Professor of Law (Senior Scale) at Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India

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The most dramatic revolution in payment methods in the past few decades has, undoubtedly, ben the plastic card and online banking services. The online banking services and card payment vehicle of convenience, which provides its users with multifarious benefits. The online banking fraud become one of the major challenges for today’s banking system in India. Its involves the illegal banking activities such as fraudulent transfer fund, data theft, hacking and phishing etc. Online Banking Fraud is a fraud or theft committed using online technology to illegally remove money from a bank account and/or transfer money to an account in a different bank. Indian cyber space has witnessed significant rise in cyber-attacks/ fraud, massive probing and targeted attacks on IT assets are being witnessed. The Indian cyberspace is also being used to host Command and Control Servers in the data centres. Attempts have been noticed to attacks telecom infrastructure particularly, the routers and DNS. There have been cyber-attacks on the Government, public sector, banks, private sector IT infrastructure like website defacements, intrusions, network probing, and targeted attacks to steal some information, identity theft (phishing) and disruption of services. With the coming of new Information and Communication Technology and Internet and their growing misuse side by side, scenario has been totally changed. One hand new technologies have facilitated the commission of old crimes by the bed element and at the same time crimes have originated commonly called as cybercrimes. It is important to note that cybercrime is very easy to commit with little resources but damage caused could be very huge. Because of internet bad elements are getting better network and hence facilitating cybercrime. The use of a computer to carry out any conventional criminal act, such as fraud, is called cybercrime and is a growing means. Cybercrime is growing so rapidly, in fact that the federal government has created a handful of agencies to deal with computer related crimes. The paper is focused to study and highlights the types and behaviours of Online banking frauds that take place in our banking systems.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 6, Page 794 - 808


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