Cyber Bullying and Online Freedom of Speech and Expression in India

  • Taruna Nayyar
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  • Taruna Nayyar

    Advocate in India

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The Internet is one of the greatest creations and not only provides everyone in the world with instant access but also endless supply of knowledge and entertainment. With just a click away information is made available to the society. Not only the information even the connections of one individual or a group to another has become easy and convenient. Via internet one can learn about almost any topic and not only that the opinions and can also be easily shared from one end to the another. Connectivity, communication and sharing are hence the most important advantages of the technology advancement. However as we learned in schools excess of everything is bad and like a coin internet also has two sides to it. The first being the positive advancement, and second being the misuse of that positive advancement. There is no doubt that the internet these days has made life easier but is also reflecting an unpleasant side to its existence as well. Technological advancements gave rise to certain foreseeable cyber offences too, such as cyber stalking, cyber bullying, online banking frauds etc. But then before internet advancements, our country provided us with a fundamental right to express our thoughts, expressions freely. The freedom of speech and expression, the right to speak and express one’s thoughts and beliefs freely by way of words, pictures, gestures or any other acts. The question which arises here is whether this fundamental right is being misused in today’s world where the internet has become an easily accessible podium for sharing of information.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 2639 - 2651


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