Critical Analysis on Unveiled and Hidden Realities of Sex Workers in India

  • Khushi Mathur and Soham Garg
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  • Khushi Mathur

    Student at Amity Law University, Rajasthan, India

  • Soham Garg

    Student at Amity Law University, Rajasthan, India

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“SEX WORK” refers to performing sexual activities in order to give pleasure to one’s erotic or sexual desires in exchange of goods or services provided with consent. This may happen frequently or infrequently. The word “sex work” itself defines it as a “WORK,” making it clear that anyone can engage himself or herself in this activity on their own will. However, the harsh reality of society is that the large number of people engaged in this activity are because of various factors, and somewhere in the community they are not really accepted despite being legalized in our country. This article is aimed to draw reader’s attention to the critical analysis on various aspects of sex workers, which will include its history & background, hidden realities, legal framework and current situation. It has been a debatable topic that whether the sex work is criminalized or decriminalized. It also shed light on morality, human rights, exploitation and trafficking. Thus the authors discuss on the ‘hidden truths of sex work and workers’ through this article and draw a veil over the unrevealed facts, concerns and challenges encountered by them, and conditions of these people.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 6, Page 1513 - 1521


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