Corruption: A Disgrace to Public Administration

  • Abhipsa Mohapatra and Naisargika Mishra
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  • Abhipsa Mohapatra

    Student at KIIT School of Law, India

  • Naisargika Mishra

    Student at KIIT School of Law, India

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The wall that stands erect in the path of economic growth and development of India is nothing but corruption it has rose up to such a height that not a single official work is done without bribe. It is like a suppressed truth which everyone ignores but still obeys to resist in hollow system. Corruption has established a unique marketing system in the administration where "Bribe demanded equals Bribe supplied". Once this imaginary market becomes dysfunctional then there will be transparency in the governance. The following paper aims to reveal the basis of corruption which has a huge impact in the current public administrative scenario by throwing light on certain efforts in order to combat corruption. It also aims to discuss what major steps can be taken in the present public administration system for the betterment of the society by contributing to the administration's discipline. There is a special section dedicated for the review of literature on the topic of corruption and how it has eventually become a blot on public administration. It presents an overview of corruption in public sector including its causes, the challenges and implication. It concludes by making some recommendations on how to resolve the scourge of corruption.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 4502 - 4511


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