Copyrightability of Sports On-Field Celebration Moves

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  • Laxmi

    Advocate at Bar Council of Pubjab and Haryana, India

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Messis’ celebration by Pointing of finger on each hand towards the sky, the ‘siiiiiii’ celebration of Ronaldo where he jumps, turns while being mid-air and lands in a wide-legged power stance, Nehra’s Airplane celebration, David warner’s signature leap, jumping ecstatically, Ravindra Jadeja’s celebration of swinging his bat like a sword are all an excellent example of steps for which the players are known and loved for. The ability to promote their personalities and enthral audiences both on and off the field by engaging in choreographed dances or celebration movements has increased these players' appeal and paved the road for them to do so. The problem arises, though, when third parties take advantage of their renown by adding pictures or sketches of such occasions to items like water bottles or t-shirts, unfairly abusing the athletes' grit and determination. While preserving the celebration's originality, allowing athletes to commercially exploit their own ideas gives them the opportunity to make money, which is particularly essential considering that the majority of athletes have short-lived careers. This article examines the scope of the copyright law of various jurisdictions to provide protection to sporting and on-field celebration moves, as well as the impact of providing protection in an area that was previously a field for fun and frolic, and transforming it into an individual's commercial venture.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 58 - 65


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