Copyright Infringement in The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Era

  • Lidwina Dope Nyadjroh Gabsa
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  • Lidwina Dope Nyadjroh Gabsa

    Senior Lecturer at The University of Yaounde II and Deputy Director at Institute for Governance Humanities and Social Science of the Pan African University, Cameroon

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Information and communication technology promote intellectual property in literary and artistic works. This has made the owners of copyright to enjoy the economic and moral rights of their creation and to become popular. It is also in this context that intellectual property industries tend to expand and innovate. Nevertheless, the spread of communication technology, particularly through the digital space, has become a threat to the intellectual property industry. The expansion of information and communication technology enabled the violation and infringement of intellectual property rights. This article will help owners and holders of copyright to have some hint on the notion of copyright protection, copyright infringement in information and communication technology, and copyright infringement, the foundation of copyright infringement, infringement of literary and artistic works, and infringement of related neighbouring rights. This is because knowledge of the fundamentals of intellectual property can help, forestall, to a greater extent, copyright infringement through cyberspace. States and the International Community are also invited to regulate the domain by devising new strategies to protect copyright owners and holders against any infringement of their rights.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 01 - 16


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