Copyright Infringement in the Entertainment Sector: An Indirect Liability for the Film Makers

  • Nandita V
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  • Nandita V

    Student at Tamil Nadu National Law University, India

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The controversies associated to copyright infringement in the entertainment sector is endless and this in turn takes a toll on the directors as it poses an unsaid obligation on the film maker to ensure that the movie does not violate the copyright laws. Copyright subsists in work and not in mere idea or formulation of thoughts which leads to several complexities. In India mainly, the informal discussions and casual conversations among the movie team might as well result in the reproduction of this work since there was no concrete work established by the author regarding the same. The authors fear of being exploited and expect their rights to be held safe. A filmmaker or any person who is involved in the sector of entertainment and media must be aware of the previous works that exist to avoid copyright infringement. The entertainment sector is heavily reliant on the response of the people. A copied work in most instances is identified by the people even before it reaches the creator. Therefore, cautious steps must be taken to protect original works and also while creating such works. An original creator of the work at this point is put under liability to ensure there is no infringement even in case of genuine or minor errors. The paper makes an attempt to completely understand copyright infringement in the entertainment sector as a whole and places an emphasis on the film industry which would highlight how filmmakers in India have exploited several ideas under the realm of expressing it differently.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 164 - 171


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