Compulsory Licensing and Covid-19 Vaccine

  • Subramanian Sankar Ganesh and S Muthu Praba
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  • Subramanian Sankar Ganesh

    Student at School of Excellence in Law, India.

  • S Muthu Praba

    Student at School of Excellence in Law, India.

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The pandemic devastated and wrecked the economy and caged everyone inside the home for long time. Whilst the pharmaceutical companies and drug makers stretch to counter the spread and to nullify the speed of virus through jabs. The science is fighting against the nature or the man-made virus, which is in dilemma, but the fight is severe. Some are calling it as bio war or third world war, some are calling it as the revenge of nature but ultimately the people at large are enduring discomforts, endangering their lives. Wearing masks, washing hands often with sanitizer or handwash and distancing themselves from others has become normalcy. Vaccine is the only hope to survive and to sustain in this world. Wealthier and developed countries are vaccinating their citizens multiple times but in poor and underdeveloped countries, even the basic infrastructure facility is under threat. People are ravaged by the virus and because of costlier treatment and costlier medicines, crashed with medical debt. Imposition of compulsory licensing of the vaccine produced will increase the production through which the entire world population would get vaccinated rather than commercializing the drugs produced. This article revolves around the intellectual property related issues and the need for compulsory licensing of COVID-19 vaccine. The virus does not know about the colour or ethnic, why not the vaccine also. The racism in any form should not be encouraged and that too in human lives is very danger. The researchers concluding with the suggestion to overcome this herculean chore.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 4467 - 4479


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