Claiming the Freedom beyond Traditional Spheres: Extensions to Cyberspace

  • Foram Patel
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  • Foram Patel

    Assistant Professor of Law at L J School of Law, India

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Freedom is the entitlement provided to every citizen of a country. Extension and interpretation of freedom have been a topic of discussion for all these years. Globalization and the development of society have made the extensions to freedom and this century, cyberspace and free speech have become a topic of discussion for everyone. Cyberspace governance concerning freedom has become a topic of deliberation. This paper tries to highlight the same issue in general along with their status of governing cyberspace and the issue of free speech. The paper argues that India's interpretation of free speech must be inclusive of cyberspace and also advocates a strong need for cyber governance authority in the country to govern cyberspace. Recent case laws need for cyber governance, and adaptation of policy in India is the main topic of discussion and deliberation. Challenges and deliberation of cyberspace along with community tool creation issue have been a point of discussion and concluding remarks concerning the same is trying to justify the freedom which needs to be interpreted beyond the traditional spheres as the need of the century.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 5696 - 5706


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