Challenges to Women’s Reproductive Choice in 21st Century

  • Nivedita Singh and Ambar Srivastav
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  • Nivedita Singh

    Student at Law College Dehradun, Faculty of Uttaranchal University, Uttarakhand, India

  • Ambar Srivastav

    Assistant Professor at Law College Dehradun, Faculty of Uttaranchal University, Uttarakhand, India

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According to 21st century women has faced a lots of problems regarding reproductive choice mentally, physically, socially and legally. So basically, in India there are some places have laws make create a so worst condition for the women to get birth control or may be abortion to, especially those women who already struggle the same problems. If we talk about societies perspective they start judging the people according to their action, if we saw about reproductive rights they make women feel apologetic, reluctant, repentant, bashful, embarrassed about their reproductive right. They think that women are violate a societal norms. Also women can’t get easily access to doctor regarding their healthcare service in relation to prenatal control. Now lots of things are changed in laws but still if we talk about the reproductive choice our parliament can’t made a systematic laws and provision. This paper highlights that what are the challenges which women’s are facing in relation to reproductive health or choices and discuss the lacunae in relation to reproductive health under the constitution and other major or minor laws, what was the status of women in ancient, medieval, British and contemporary period. So basically the purpose of this paper is to examine the nature and scope of rights related to reproductive and also some examples and case law related to violation of reproductive rights which is guaranteed under different schemes, conventions, policies and laws also. In United Nation report, under reproductive health, they discuss about women has treating like a instrument, tools etc. she face tones of problems like, female genital mutilation. Menstrual problem(including irregular periods, cramps, heavy bleeding) infertility, conception and contraception, miscarriage, etc. she got harassed mentally and physically both.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 2, Page 2877 - 2885


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