Case Analysis – Mohori Bibee v. Dharmodas Ghose

  • Abhimanyu Suresh Nawghare
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  • Abhimanyu Suresh Nawghare

    Student at Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur, India

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Is the agreement or contract made into by a minor void or voidable in this case? The issue of whether a minor who lacks legal capacity enters into a contract and what scenarios and circumstances might result also comes into dispute. A person is a minor, according to Section 3 of the India Majority Act of 1875, if they have reached the age of 18, with the exception of situations in which a court has assigned a guardian, in which case they are said to have reached majority at the age of 21. Although everyone is capable of entering into a contract under the Indian Contract Act of 1872, Section 11, there are three exceptions: minors, those who are mentally ill, and people who are prohibited by law.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 3121 - 3126


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