Book Review: Hind Swaraj by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

  • Sidhartha Yadav
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  • Sidhartha Yadav

    Student at Symbiosis Law School Pune, India

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The ‘HIND SWARAJ’ by M.K. Gandhi is a monumental work in Philosophy of civilization. It is a critique of civilization. Gandhi has given incisive criticism of up-to-date civilization, unfortunately this leaflet has not drawn attention of philosophers because it ought to have done. Gandhi wasn’t solely a good politico; however, a thinker and a critic of up-to-date civilization Gandhi's criticism of contemporary civilization might seem dogmatic, strange and extremely uncommon on the surface, all the same through his criticism Gandhi paves the approach for a brand-new social order. Gandhi may be thought to be a social thinker Like all different classical philosopher, he presents before us a vision of man and society. The 'Hind Swaraj• can be regarded as the 'Bible of Gandhian Thought'. This book, as a matter of truth contains the primary formulation of his ideas. Even twenty to thirty years after its publication he didn’t want it form any modification in It except a word here and a word there. Rather he declared that he had for the duration of tried to measure in keeping with the principles enunciated in this book. However, the most important objective of the book was to supply a critique of western civilization. By approach of providing a critique of western civilization, Gandhi in this book tried to stipulate the principles of recent civilization, that he hoped can make individual and social life worthy of existence. Gandhi's thoughts concerning politics, religion. faith etc. are enshrined in this book. This booklet was originally published in Gujrati in 1908 and later on translated into English. Although thin in size, the Hind Swaraj, is admittedly the work of art of Gandhi’s thoughts. His later thoughts may be derived back in Its germinal type to this book. His later thoughts owe their origin to the 'Hind Swaraj, Philosophy, as is known now-a-days within the Anglo-American world stands for logical ideas, concepts or categories. It is construed as a critique of language, thought or communication. this type of variety of expounding owes its origin in the main to the logical positivists. The positivists claimed that philosophy cannot study reality or the globe directly. Philosophy doesn’t offer us any positive data or information concerning the world. Its sole task is to dispel or remove away ambiguities and unclearness.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 1487 - 1492


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