An Insight on Digital Age and Copyright Issues

  • Ruchita N. and Yosha M.
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  • Ruchita N.

    Student at IFIM Law School, Karnataka State Law University, India

  • Yosha M.

    Student at IFIM Law School, Karnataka State Law University, India

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The emergence of the Digital Age has brought about significant changes in the creation, distribution, and consumption of creative works. This research paper delves into the intricate web of copyright issues that have arisen in this technologically driven era. With the widespread use of digital platforms, concerns regarding piracy, fair use, and the protection of intellectual property have become increasingly prominent. The paper explores the challenges posed by digital piracy to various creative industries and evaluates the effectiveness of current mechanisms for enforcing copyright in the online realm. It also investigates the evolving concept of fair use, analyzing how it adapts to the dynamic landscape of digital content creation and sharing. Technological advancements such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality present new frontiers for both innovation and copyright challenges. This research scrutinizes the intersection of technology and copyright law, examining how emerging trends impact the protection and utilization of intellectual property. The role of digital rights management (DRM) in safeguarding digital content is examined, along with its implications for user experience and legal considerations. Additionally, the paper assesses the rise of open-access models and Creative Commons licensing, exploring their impact on traditional copyright paradigms. The research critically evaluates the responsibilities and liabilities of digital platforms and content aggregators in the context of copyright infringement. It scrutinizes the legal and ethical dimensions, as well as the challenges associated with cross-cultural dynamics in online content distribution. In conclusion, this paper offers a comprehensive analysis of the complex landscape where the Digital Age and copyright intersect. By unraveling these intricacies, it seeks to contribute to the ongoing discourse on how legal frameworks, technological innovations, and societal norms can come together to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the digital revolution.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 2, Page 795 - 811


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