AI Ensures Environmental Sustainability

  • Mudit Jain and Apurva Mishra
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  • Mudit Jain

    Pursuing PhD at Manav Rachna University, India

  • Apurva Mishra

    Pursuing PhD at Manav Rachna University, India

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Today we live in the era of digitalization which involves the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many of us may not be aware that we are surrounded by Artificial Intelligence all the time as it is omnipresent in the form of devices such as laptops, TV, mobiles, computer systems etc. AI has become so important in our life that one cannot imagine leading his life without it. We must also take into account the environmental issues being faced in the contemporary world, causing negative affect not only on the plants and animals but our mother Earth as whole. The greed of Human beings in search of a better lifestyle has caused deterioration to the environment. With the use of AI we can not only detect how the harm is taking place, how much harm has been caused and where it has been caused and also what remedial actions can be adopted for preventing such harm to our mother Earth. In recent years we have witnessed growing reliance on AI by the Indian Environmental Law regime, AI is being widely used by environmental agencies for effective implementation of environmental laws and achieving the objectives mentioned in such laws.AI is being utilized as a tool for ensuring environmental justice.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 4, Page 521 - 528


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