A Fighter by Choice

  • Ishita Choudhary
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  • Ishita Choudhary

    Clinical Researcher at PGIMER, Chandigarh, India

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The concept of marital rape has been overlooked for aeons because of the ideology that promotes men have the right to treat their wives as they wish and the wife must provide her husband with all his needs especially physical needs. The idea rests on the fact that she is subordinate to the man as “marriage” means handing over women’s sexuality to her spouse and her right to self-determination over her own body is taken away from her. The foremost step is acknowledging the issue and giving every woman the right to speak and be heard. The lawful framework must be compelled to recognise assault inside marriage as wrongdoing with stringent punishment. This article highlights the gloomy reality of a married women and the pitfall that has arisen in India. Such women are a part of our society but are neglected and suppressed by the male chauvinism. Hence, they are forced to endure harassment to keep their jobs given their sheer desperation for employment or remain silent for the sake of her family pride. The article is backed by my research and is based on a true incident encountered during an intervention.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 6, Page 34 - 37

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLMH.113747

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