A Critical Analysis on LGBT Community Rights in India

  • Viraj Pratap Khatter
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  • Viraj Pratap Khatter

    Student in India

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The Constitution of India guarantees the most basic inherent rights which are protected under Part III. All the citizens of the country, India enjoy the fundamental rights like Right to Equality, Right to Life, etc. But the persons who belong to the LGBT Community are still topic of a dispute. They are also living as a citizen in this country and should be treated similarly as other citizens. The country, India has been lost its citizenship between the individuals of this country. It is the scenario when there is lack of work, education and discrimination of their caste, creed, etc, amongst LGBT individuals in the society. The manner in which it has developed and been treated. It is implanted into the mind of people who still think it to be a mental disorder or a criminal by the olden civilization, which is a form of mind control. Bringing the idea of how India was working on it, as well as how the public are dealing only with openness of it, to the forefront. People all throughout the world are subjected to violence and inequity because of their appearance or the person they love. This creates social and economic hurdles, undesired stigmas be gone, and so this place be transformed into a safe sanctuary for people of all backgrounds, with rights being treated equally distributed between everyone present. The constant strain and scrutiny placed on the actions and the concept of LGBT causes some minor problems. Hence, Human beings are just that: human beings should be treated in the same way and in the same way. The research will be doctrinal research. The present research divided into the following chapterizations. They are: Firstly the overview of LGBT community. Secondly, the constitutional rights guaranteed to the community. Thirdly, issues and challenges faced by the LGBT Community and lastly conclusion and recommendations. This study is an attempt to evaluate the role of LGBTQ individuals as well as their rights which are violating in the present society. And by this, researcher would like to get a new conclusion.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 129 - 136

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLMH.113057

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