Pandemic’s Impact on Performance of Contracts: An Indian Perspective

Akshaya. GV, Lakshmi Prabha. P and Krishnan.L.R.K
VIT Law School, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

The covid-19 has had a disastrous run and created a greater impact on the business contracts. Many contracts were breached and thereby resulting in cascading effect on the Indian Courts. This in turn has resulted in numerous litigations all over the country where the problematic situation is that we don’t have enough judicial precedents in correlation with this pandemic. Not only in India, but this situation can be witnessed all over the globe. This non-doctrinal research paper speaks on the various societal aspects in which this pandemic has imposed its effects on contracts and their breaches, also discusses on various remedies as per Indian Contract Act, 1872, specific performance and injunctions given by the judiciary as a remedy to the anguished person involved in that contract.

Keywords: Covid-19, Business contracts, Breaches, Cascading Effect, Judicial Precedents, Remedies, specific performance