Normative Jurisprudence: A Combination Law & Morals​​

Akanksha Singh and Sanjana Srivastava
Amity Law School, Noida, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

The paper revolves around normative jurisprudence and commences with an introduction to legal philosophy and the relationship between law and morality. It then gives the meaning of normative jurisprudence and explains its various integtral concepts such as Liberty and Its Legal Limits and Legal Moralism. It further goes on to talk about the influence of Morals on laws and Legal Paternalism. The paper also sheds light on The Model on Legal Theory, The Insult Principle and The Law Obeying Obligation. We have also included brief explanations about the meaning of legal structure/systems from the perspective of prominent legal philosophers such as Hans Kelsen, H.L.A. Hart, Joseph Raz and John Austin. The paper has been concluded by a personal take on the summing of the definition of jurisprudence as a normative science and how it can be only be deciphered by combining past morals and present laws.