Neglecting the Depressed Class as a Class of Humans in Indian Society

N. Ilakkiya
School of Excellence in Law, TNDALU, Chennai, TamilNadu, India

Volume II, Issue I, 2019

It can be very much seen that ‘these people – depressed class’ exists in all the parts of India. They are not only prevailing in India. They are prevailing in every part of the world but majorly can be seen in India.  Depressed class? Why they got a new name like the depressed class? They too are human’s rights? And they too have absolute rights to live in their own country. They too have the rights (both constitutional as well as other rights) like other citizens. But we and the other so-called upper-class status people are neglecting these people to a greater extent. We the citizens of India are also not giving a damn to these issues. Yes, the citizens are not giving due consideration to these issues and blaming the Government to a greater extent. Most of them are not even considering them as humans and also not giving them the respect which they deserve. Can’t we people give proper respect and protection to them? Is the Government is the only body to protect them? We citizens are not responsible for their status in our country even in recent times? Even we are responsible for their status in our country because we are the one who is neglecting them the most.  When you ask how in the sense the neglecting is through many ways, we are not even ready to give them the other rights and respect which they deserve. Even when they face any problems we are not ready to give our voice for them and we are thinking that it’s their problem and hence they should strive and not us and also we blame government is responsible for this and not us. Like on all these things either we blame a third party or a Government, but what about us?  So we too are neglecting them right?


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