Need of abolition of Capital Punishment in India

 Arushi Agrawal AND Shivani Chaudhary
Law School, Banaras Hindu University, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

“Capital punishment” or “Death penalty” is the highest degree of punishment awarded in any society or democracy to hold regulation and order. But killing some other human being in the name of justice is not less than murdering someone. But unlike China where almost 1000 execution done per year,  doctrine of “Rarest of the Rare” is used in India and that too often commuted to life imprisonment. The aim should be to remove the crime and not the criminal. United Nation has opposed the concept of Death penalty and mentioned that Life is most precious, and loss of life is irrevocable. Further UN also said that killing another human being in the name of justice also kills the fact that we are human. We are no one to figure out who will live and who gets to die. Therefore alternatively of putting anybody to loss of life we need to adapt a one-of-a-kind strategy i.e. the reformative method so that one who want to improve himself will get a chance to do so and can live peacefully thereafter.


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