Need for an Independent Mandatory System of Forensic Laboratories

Disha Gujarathi
Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

With a boom in science and technology, the world is evolving but at the same time, the rate at which crimes are taking place every day is also increasing at a fast pace. Moreover, the mechanism to put a check on it doesn’t match up to its expectations thereby, endangering the dispensing of proper and speedy justice. One reason for such dilution in justice is due to deeply rooted divide between science and policing. The organisational arrangements that connect forensic science and police organisations vary. At an institutional and governance level, the moot question has been, the extent to which forensic services should, or should not, be located within police departments.

 In this respect, the basic theme of this research paper will revolve around the independence of forensic science laboratory from law enforcement agencies. The paper will highlight the need for such a cause, by duly stressing upon concerns such as bias and illustrations supporting the same. It will also present counter arguments to give a broader perspective regarding the subject matter at hand. The paper also gives out a few recommendations and suggestions for bringing about enhanced justice by minimising the bias in the prevailing circumstances. The paper ends via a conclusion, a review per se.

Key Words: Independent forensic laboratories, police, law enforcement agencies, bias, justice


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