Multilateralism- A Panacea for Covid-19

Varun Singh
Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

We live in an enigma where global challenges are forthcoming now and then, but the response of the world remains splintered. One such global challenge is the COVID-19 pandemic. Since World War II, the foundations of multilateral institutions had begun. With time, these institutions, with the help of collective multilateral approach, defeated social, economic and health challenges. However, this pandemic gave us a clear picture of why we need a more coordinated approach to fight this novel coronavirus. The egalitarian and bilateral approach towards a global issue may not deem fit to be an adequate response. Ultimately multilateralism is the only panacea for COVID-19.

This paper will enlighten the issues with the ongoing multilateral approach and will also focus on the challenges faced by the states in this pandemic. This paper will also throw light on the flaring tensions in this phase of the global health crisis. It will also address how multilateral institutions are collectively working for the people and will also provide a solution for more inclusive multilateralism.


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