Impact of Covid-19 on Education: An Analysis from Human Rights Perspective with Special Reference to Indian Constitution and RTE Act, 2009’

Suravi Ghosh
Advocate at Burdwan Dist. And Session Judges’ Court Dist. Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

All educational institutions are closed for the time being. The focal point of this Article is to throw some light on human rights perspective of particular group of young generations relating to their deprivation of getting education during and in the aftermath of this pandemic. Secondarily, an attempt is made through this paper to point out some Indian legislative frameworks that can be termed as inefficient to cope up such unprecedented situation in a poor country like India. In nutshell, this Article provides an overview of human rights concerns of students who have been depriving from certain benefits regarding their right to education specifically their poor or non-access of ICTs (Information and Communication technologies) since the outbreak of this pandemic and the author has done an analysis of the importance of right to education in the perspective of the Constitution of India.

Keywords: Constitution of India, Human Rights, Information and Communication technology (ICT), Legislative framework, Right to Education.