Mob Lynching: Tailoring Legislative Enactments or Fall Back on Existing Criminal Legislations?

Rajendra Sakarwar
West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences Kolkata
West Bengal, India

Volume I, Issue III, 2018

This paper attempts to unravel the practicality of a scenario where the offences of Mob lynching will be governed by a special anti-lynching law. In the contemporary times, there have been a lot of incidents where the basic principles of law have been violated as a particular sect of society took law in their own hand to punish what according to them is wrong. This is an alarming situation. The increasing number of mob lynching offences is directly a threat to the peace and communal harmony of the nation. This paper deals with the enactment of a law by the parliament which will be in lines with the Supreme Court (‘the SC’) guidelines on mob lynching. The court wants to imbibe fear in the mind of would be lynchers and this essay explains how a special law will be very effective in such a scenario. This essay proves, though IPC covers all the theoretical aspects of mob lynching, still why we need a special law. This essay also deals with the incompetency of the administration and the police in dealing with such offences and explains how a new law might be a good start to end this horrendous culture plaguing the country.


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