Lok Adalat’s Contribution in Shaping the Indian Legal System

Ipsa Raj
GITAM School of Law, Visakhapatnam, India.

Volume III, Issue V, 2020

India being the country with the largest constitution, provides its residents’ plethora of rights and duties in order to secure their wellbeing, ensure justice, equality, and a platform to seek redressal for their grievances. The country consists of the apex court, whose judgments are the final word and have shaped India’s legal system. It is followed by the high courts and district courts. The ratio of dispute resolution in the country is very low. Thus Lok Adalats come into the picture. They are a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution where the suits filed or the already pending cases in the court of law are resolved, or the matter is settled. People opt for Lok Adalats to escape the labyrinth of the court of law or are underprivileged. Lok Adalats intend to lessen the burden of the Indian courts and thus help to shape the legal system of the country.