Live-In Relationship: The Legality of Unconventional Relationship in India

Devanshi Lohia and Rishika Goyal
Amity University, Kolkata, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Marriage is a social institution and one of the important parts of Indian culture and tradition. Now, it is slowly opening its door for western culture which is totally different from Indian culture. One of the most critical incidents amongst it is the concept of live-in relationship that was not very clear in India until Hon’ble Supreme Court took a lead to fill the gap that was created in absence of any specific legislation. The idea behind cohabitation or conducting a live-in relationship is to test the compatibility of the partner, establish financial security before marrying, a way for polygamists to avoid breaking the law and couple consider their relation as being a personal and private matter which is not controlled by religious, political or patriarchal institution. This article attempts to highlight the present Indian Scenario related to live -in relationship which includes judicial and societal response towards it. It also deals with the international perspective of live in relationship by comparing it status in India with that of different countries in the world.

Keywords: Marriage, Live-in relationship, India, International, Succession rights, Legal status, Judiciary, Society.