Legalization of Drugs in India

Malavika Jayakumar
Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Law, Mumbai, Mumbai, India

Volume II, Issue I, 2018

Drug is defined to mean a chemical which is given to a person in order to treat or prevent an illness or disease. Although today, a major portion of the consumers of drugs use it for the pleasant effect it provides the user. The issue of drug abuse has tremendously increased in the recent years proving it to be danger to the society. There have been instances of eminent personalities suggesting to legalize drugs in the recent past. There have been studies that have revealed the advantages and disadvantages of using drugs. It is a well-known fact that drugs like marijuana and ketamine are very useful for medicinal purposes and age old and finds its place in the Vedas as well. Likewise, legalizing drugs may also help curb the unethical or illegal production and selling of drugs at exorbitant prices in the black-market. Thus, legalizing certain useful drugs with restrictions of usage and trade of the same would be productive.

Although the other side of the coin does have enough drawbacks of the usage of drugs to quote, such as overburdening the society which is already dealing with the problems of alcoholism and tobacco addicts.But these can be kept under control by a sound and well-placed legislation to that effect. To be precise, decriminalizing the use of medicinal drugs and the restricted use of it for the treatment should be done along with restricted and controlled production, distribution and use of these medicinal drugs. The rest shall be kept illegal and criminalized. Such a legislation if comes into effect would prove to be useful to the public at large.


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