Legal Study on the Restructuring of Banking Companies and Protection of Banking Employees from the Impact 

Poornachandiran R
Amity Law School, Noida, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The rising concern over the NPA and bad debt recovery of banks are making the banks weak. To reduce the number of Non-performing Assets in the banking sector, people started to prefer the way of mergers and acquisitions of banks. The weak banks can be merged/ acquired by the strong banks, so that the interest of the depositors can be protected. The restructuring of banks not only protect the interest of the depositors but also increase the synergy, growth, economy of scale and other benefits. There are some adverse effects of the mergers/acquisition of the merger/acquisition of banks. The RBI and central government have made strenuous efforts to make the mergers/acquisition in banking sector feasible but it did not attain complete feasibility and complexities are still exist in the framework. This paper seeks to study on the different procedures of mergers/acquisitions of banks available in the statue and the protection given to the employees during the merger/acquisition.